Fencing is an Olympic sport, of an individual nature that also incorporates team competition in relay matches. Within the group of fighting sports, its characteristic is the handling of the weapon and the absence of physical contact. The development of technology applied to this sport has introduced tools that have given fencers and the public a new attraction, such as the electronic scoring system and the video-referee system.

Fencing is subdivided into 3 weapons: foil, épée and saber. At the Sant Cugat Fencing Club, training is based on the foil modality.

The minimum age to start is usually established at 6 years. From our club it is recommended to make fencing compatible with other physical activities between 6 and 12 years old. On the other hand, fencing can be started at any age, as long as health conditions allow it. At the club we like everyone to know our sport and we organize ourselves to achieve it.

We like that our children and young people practice fencing because it is a sport that has a positive impact on the formation of personality. On a mental level, it is a very demanding sport that works on concentration, initiative, imagination, control of complexity, discipline, autonomy and perseverance. At a physical-motor level, it develops dexterity, coordination and strength.

On the other hand, it is worth highlighting the high social value of our sport. Fencing is an individual sport that indisputably needs the group to develop. Without partners, without coaches, without family support, fencing cannot be practiced. Within this context, the club offers families important tools for the education and training of young people, in a friendly environment and from experience.


The club’s regular activity takes place in the afternoons from Monday to Thursday, in 4 working groups according to the age categories of our sport (see schedule in the corresponding section). The time arrangement facilitates interaction between the different groups, which is considered to be of great value.

The basement of the technical training given by the club is based on the use on the track of the knowledge and skills that the student acquires in his individual work with the teacher.

In the sessions, the two practices, technical work and assaults, are kept very close, since it is considered the most efficient way to progress. To be able to do this work in all the sessions, the presence of two trainers is usually required, who teach the classes, individually or in small groups, depending on the attendees and trying to reach everyone during the week. They also supervise the assaults on the track.

The work of our trainers is based on the observation of the student. It is aimed primarily at extracting their skills from each student, to value precision: of the technical gesture, of distance, of the moment, and to firmly develop the athlete’s initiative.

Each week, the program of sessions incorporates a part of basic physical preparation work. Starting from a higher degree of involvement with our sport, the club offers a more advanced physical preparation program, as a complement to technical training.

When the students reach the basic knowledge, they have the opportunity to compete in the Catalan circuit, in the Spanish circuit, and also to participate in international competitions, according to their expectations.

Apart from the regular activity, the club also facilitates exchanges, inviting other coaches, participating in specific summer camps for our sport, or inviting athletes from other clubs. The club also makes an effort to give visibility to our sport by promoting the organization of competitions in Sant Cugat.

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The fencing season starts at the beginning of September and ends at the end of June. During the summer other types of activities are carried out, mainly physical preparation or in the form of campuses.


Monday 18:30-20:30
Groups U11, U13

Tuesday 18:30-20:30
Groups U17, Senior

Thursday 17:30-18:30
Group U11

Thursday 18:30-20:30
Groups U13, U17

Friday 18:30-20:30
Groups U17, Senior


To start you just have to bring a tracksuit and some sneakers. The club provides the rest of the material, including weapons.

Subsequently, it is convenient for each fencer to have their own material: fencing suit, made up of a jacket and pants, suitable shoes, high socks, a mask, a weapon, a vest and an electric jacket.

Where to buy fencing equipment? (spanish)


At the beginning of the season, or at the time of registration, the federation license will be paid, which includes the compulsory insurance for the activity and which allows participation in all kinds of activities and competitions of the Catalan federation.