Gold and silver for “Santcu” in the first competition of the Catalan League 2021-2022

The LLiga Catalana 2021-2022 in women’s foil couldn’t have started better for “Santcu” because on the first day they took the first two positions. Bárbara Ojeda won the competition, competing in the final with her sister Marina, with a final score of 15-6. In the semi-finals, Bárbara had defeated Victoria García of CEG from Granollers by 15-7, while Marina had beaten Paula Lechuga of CESJV from Sabadell by 15-4. The competition took place on Saturday Nov 20 in Barcelona, ​​at the Reina Elisenda Municipal Sports Centre, and was the first of the season in which public access was allowed.

Competition podium, left to right: Marina Ojeda, Bàrbara Ojeda, Paula Lechuga and Victoria García.